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Christopher Columbus went round the world in 1492 ! That isn't a lot of strokes when you consider the course !

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Welcome to my golfing website, come as a stranger and leave as a friend !




The Charles Mickle Golf Academy has had

over 7 MILLION hits since its inception

achieving an average of 5,000 hits per day!













He is the role model ; the ideal ; one of the best golf instructors in Germany. Charles Mickle combines the characteristics of a fair, witty and intelligent personal teacher "or:" A relaxed, student understanding teacher who knows what he is doing, guides, encourages, praises but also tests.









The Golf School with a yearly average of minimum 98% as a success rate and in 2017 an unbelievable 100%



Charles Mickle is recognised as one of Europe’s most sought after teaching professionals.

With a 98% success rate it is not difficult to see why, by comparison most teaching professionals generate around 50% success. A great instructor and holder of seven course records !



Charles Mickle, is in the rare catagorey of being able to do both things well !









‘Most people who work in the Golf industry have a passion for it, Charles Mickle has a drive for it'. Golf Monthly Magazine 2015.




Golf is never more fun than when you are getting better at the game!  Improving isn't about hitting stacks of balls on the range ingraining that improve everyone should take lessons. All the Tour Professionals have their coaches be that for the short or the long game and the reason is clear to all of you. Good instructors are always in demand and there is a reason for that...they really can help you, if you allow them the chance .





** Charles Mickle is a full Member of the Professional Golfers Association coaching beginners to advanced players. He has retained the double AA status of the PGA ( the highest standard ) for over 33 years . **











There are over 50 Million golfers spread throughout the World. The majority (over 90%) never play the game as well as they could, because they have an incorrect swing thought or an incorrect idea or an incomplete idea of what they are trying to do whilst swinging a golf club. The golf swing has only one single purpose and that is to deliver the club head to the ball correctly and consistently, so that correct impact can be achieved time and time again. ( Charles Mickle,  2006 )





Ben Hogan, Severiano Ballesteros,Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Rory Mcllroy, Nick Faldo, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer and Greg Norman, all swung the club differently, but they learned through good mechanics and good coaches how to get the impact position correct 99 % of the time. That is why they became greats of the game.




So, what is it that holds everyone back from becoming better at the game?




Charles Mickle


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What is holding you back ?




Firstly, I would say the equipment companies, with all the promises of get better if you buy their clubs and balls, secondly, I would say your friends or buddies can hold you back saying you don't need lessons, (they are probably jealous that you can afford too, period) but these friends also forget too quickly that the idiots of the game or their golf idols, called 99% of Tour Professionals like Jack Nicklaus, Lee Westwood, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson or Jordan Speith et al all have their coaches.




Lastly 'you', for trying to get better by learning from the silly contradictory magazine articles or you-tube video's or using friends tips. I have read and seen many of these articles and You-tube video's and sometimes I wonder how on earth some people are given the right to have their articles or video's published or recorded.



Similar to a house or a building, the golf swing must be built on good firm foundations. However, unlike the Touring Pro's, who check their basic set-up each and almost everyday, most Club golfers fail to focus on the fundamentals ( aim, grip, ball Position, stance, posture and alignment ), and when they do, they fail to see that they are addressing or standing incorrectly. To the point, "if the gun is not aimed properly then you cannot expect the finest of swings to deliver the desired outcome".



Friends, can sometimes help but not often, because they simply do not know enough of the golf swing or the bio-mechanical workings there-of, anything that does work is mostly down to luck and usually disappears after a short time !

A PGA Pro has the eyes, experience and the expertise to help you. He is generally the best player by a long shot in your Club, and by being a member of a PGA he is qualified in the role of being a PGA professional, particularly if from the British PGA which has the highest and most stringent training programme in the World, other PGA's in the World look to the British PGA for ideas of how to improve their own training programmes but the British PGA is since its inception the World leader.




British PGA members who become PGA Professionals have completed the hardest sports examination in the World.

A fact many people do not know !






Charles Mickle


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It’s often said that practice makes perfect. However, it would be more accurate to say: “practice merely makes permanent … only perfect practice makes perfect.”


Sam Snead said “ practice puts brains in your muscles”, but he meant 'perfect practice'!! Too many golfers spend time and money on the driving range doing little more than ingraining swing faults and practising their full swings mostly with a wood. Good players don't, they will use a mid iron to improve and ingrain the swing positions needed to make the gun fire in the right direction.


Beware of the perceived short cut !





short cut




For many golfers, lessons are counter-productive; Instead of committing to a series of lessons, the player has an odd lesson here and there but instead of committing to a series of lessons and allowing for a swing to be built, most are expecting a complete miracle, which is to an even larger extent is a complete waste of time. They end up with a fragmented set of tips and a ‘patchwork quilt’ swing that just does not function as it should.



There is no secret, or quick-fix for the majority but there is an entire Golfing Industry devoted to exploiting golfers’ who have a need for one. Enter equipment companies; they will almost guarantee you (on paper at least) a level par round and huge staight drives into the middle of the fairway or a ball that will; if hit offline, magically re-align itself and find the middle of the fairway for you....and the believers are the masses! These people are expecting mostly a miracle, which is mostly a complete waste of time. They end up with a fragmented set of tips and a ‘patchwork quilt’ swing with expensive clubs and balls that cannot deliver the promise, never mind there will be a new driver next year and a new set of balls to make you believe again !


There is no secret, or quick-fix for the majority but there is an entire Golfing Industry devoted to exploiting golfers’ need for one. Enter equipment companies that will almost guarantee you (on paper at least) a level par round.


Unfortunately, seduced by advertising hype on TV and in Magazines, the only thing most golfers change is their equipment. But let us face the truth here, if the equipment companies produced such fantastic clubs, why do they have to continuously bring out new models every few months? Yes. you are right, it is about turnover, profit and greed.









Remember also that your equipment is only as good as your swing technique will allow, literally at the end of the day; if you want to improve then you need to take lessons. Lessons give you a target to aim for, your Professional coach will show you what you need to do to improve. Improvement in your technique together with your new equipment will help you reach the next level and thus give you added enjoyment.



The vast majority need to own up to the fact that their clubs don’t play the game, they do !! They must accept that new, improved clubs and balls will not improve their game as long as they are using the same, flawed swing.


Trying to buy a remedy is a sickness that we all fall for from time to time. Take a look at these huge pharmaceutical companies that have created pill popping zombies as far as the eye can see! Instead of exercising and eating well, people try the short cut and take a pill or ten. Fact,!  The newest research finds that these Vitamine Pills do not deliver what the companies promise and it is the same with Golf Equipment companies!!



We are all our own worst enemies when it come to blind trusting of the medical establishment and many people have the exact same problems when it comes to the golf equipment companies,  ie “the short cut”.



Equipment is only as good as its user:  Period.



It is often said that you need a level of swing technique COMMITMENT to go with a certain level of golfing ABILITY.


However, if the user has good quality tuition combined with compact golfing fundamentals then and only then, will the equipment really move the compass dial forward to point North instead of South.







Charles Mickle Golf Academy








Charles Mickle


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Er ist also das Vorbild, das Ideal, einer der besten Golflehrer Deutschlands. Charles Mickle vereint in sich die Eigenschaften eines fairen, witzigen und klugen und persönlichen Lehrers." Oder: "Ein lockerer, Schüler-verstehender Pädagoge, mit der richtigen Waage aus Milde und Strenge." Ein Lehrer, der weiß, was er tut. Der anleitet, ermuntert, lobt, aber auch prüft.




Ein Top-Trainer ist in der Lage, einem Golfspieler innerhalb kürzester Zeit ein Maximum an Informationen zu vermitteln, mit denen der Golfspieler sein Spiel signifikant verbessern kann. Um dies zu realisieren benötigt der Golftrainer exzellentes Fachwissen, welches er innerhalb kürzester Zeit in einer verständlichen Art an Spieler mit unterschiedlichsten Charakterzügen vermitteln kann. Ein strukturiertes, ziel- und ergebnisorientiertes Lernen funktioniert wie in der Schule nur mit „Hausaufgaben“, sinnvollen Trainingstools und genau definierten Trainingsplänen und Trainingsinhalten, ohne diese Vorgehensweise lernt man nur sehr langsam!



Seit 2006 ist die Charles Mickle Golf Academy bekannt als einer der erfolgreichsten Golf Acadamies Deutschlands. Charles Mickle ist weit über die Grenzen des Landes hinaus bekannt und gilt als einer der erfolgreichsten Golflehrer in europäischen raum und er ist seit jahren in Deutschland bekannt. Er unterrichtet seit 30 jahren Golfspieler aller Leistungsklassen, Golflehrer und Tour Professionals, in 2009  hat er den Auszeichnung 'Advanced Fellow of the PGA erhalten vom PGA Chef Sandy Jones. Charles Mickle setzt viel Wert auf Qualität und persönlichen Kontakt mit dem Schüler. Der Erfolgslevel von Charles Mickle betrug im Jahr 2016 - 2020 unglaubliche 98% + und in den Vorjahren um die 97%, ein unglaublicher Schnitt (meistens liegt Erfolgsquote bei anderen Pros um die ca. 60%)!





Einer seiner Schüler hat eine Major (The U.S PGA Championship) und 17 andere Tour Events gewonnen. Andere Playing Professionals, die bei ihm Unterricht nahmen, haben auch Tour Events gewonnen. Auch der Erfolg der Alltagsschüler, über zwanzig seiner Kunden sind Mitglieder der German PGA geworden, spricht für ihn. Insgesamt  31 sind  PGA Professionals geworden (europaweit). Ein Zahl, die wenige vorweisen können.






stellt sich vor:-

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Ich habe an zahlreichen Kursen und Weiter-/Fortbildungen teilgenommen, u.a. an der letzten PGA of Europe Teaching and Coaching Conference und der Butch Harmon Conference in England um meine Unterrichtskenntnisse auf dem neuesten Stand zu halten.



Meine Karriere als Teaching Professional führte mich über Hamburg und den Münchener Raum schließlich in den Golf Club Zollmühle



Mein Ziel ist die Mitgliederzahl zu erhöhen und dem Golfclub eine zentrale Position als Mekka des Golfsports in unserer Gegend zu verleihen.



Mit dreizehn Jahren habe ich mit Golf begonnen und innerhalb 12 Monaten habe ich Handicap sieben erhalten koennen und als 15-jähriger hatte ich bereits ein Scratch Handicap (0), d.h. Scratch-Spieler. Dies bedeutete für mich die Berufung in die Nationalmannschaft von Wales.



Mit 16 begann ich meine Ausbildung zum Pro, die ich in Rekordzeit abgeschlossen habe. Neben Nick Faldo und Sandy Lyle, die zu den bekanntesten Golfspielern der Welt gehören, war ich der Drittjüngste, der diese Ausbildung in Great Britain in so kurzer Zeit schaffte.



Seitdem bin ich als Head Professional and Director of Golf tätig und natürlich auch Teaching Professional.



Durch zahlreiche Fort- und Weiterbildungen konnte ich meinen Status wie folgt erhöhen:



  • Dipl: Oktober 2009, Advanced Fellow of the PGA geteilte Top Position auf der  Europaischer festland.

  • Dipl: April 2005, Fellow of the PGA.

  • Dipl: Januar 2005, Advanced PGA Professional.

  • Dipl: Class AA PGA Professional.

  • Dipl: Class A PGA Professional.

  • Dipl: Sports Psychology. Mental Coach.

  • Dipl: Director of Golf.

  • Mitglied der PGA of Germany.






English Version




Charles Mickle


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Charles Mickle is an outstanding PGA Head Golf Professional, Director of Golf, Head of all Golf Coaching and Instruction at the CMGA. Charles Mickle is Director and CEO of the Charles Mickle Golf Academy and he is an ‘Advanced Fellow’ of the Professional Golfers’ Association of Great Britain, the lead PGA throughout the world.




He is one of the leading Fully Qualified PGA professionals in Europe as written in the Golf Press by the British PGA and the PGA of Europe and he currently occupies jointly;  the position of being tied in first place out of some 20,000 PGA Professionals on the continent of Europe. The British Professional Golfers Association, is the most respected PGA organisation in the world.





The Charles Mickle Golf Academy is regarded as one of the most successful Golf Academies in the Germany, since its inception in 2006. It is conducted by the Advanced Fellow of the PGA, Golf Professional Charles Mickle and his team, they all set a high value on quality and presentation of teaching and on personal contact with the Academy client. The success rate of all Charles' students are around 98%, a phenomenal success rate!



One of his clients is a Major winner and also winner of 17 Tour events, he also has winners of other Tour Events including Satellite Tours and the LET (Ladies Tour) coupled with other excellent players who have played either PGA Cup Golf and/or Walker Cup Golf, as well as Mr and Mrs Average.



THIRTY ONE of Charles Mickle's clients have themselves through his coaching turned Professional and have become members of the German and British PGA, a figure few can emulate.



Via learning from some of the best coach’s in the world, Charles imparts in his instruction knowledge learnt from John Jacobs, Butch Harmon, Hank Haney (ex Tiger Woods coach) Jim McLean (Greg Norman’s), Dave Pelz, Stan Utley (Short Game Specialists of Tour Pros). During the 2014 season Charles notched up an incredible 98% success rate and in previous years was always around 97%. (mostly Teaching Pro's notch up an average of only 60%)



He is responsible for all the training courses that take place on the Golf Course and surrounding areas and he is also responsible for the team of Professionals as lead professional on the grounds of the Golf Zollmühle, Bayern und Director of Golf.





About: Charles Mickle


Copyright Notice: Reproduction & distribution of these pictures is strictly prohibited. Images © Original Photographer




My name is Charles Mickle. I come from North Wales Wales, more to the point a small Island called Anglesey often called the mother of Wales ( Mon Cymru ), which lies in the North West of the United Kingdom, surrounded by the Gulf Stream. I fell in love with the game of golf at an early age and I have made it my crusade to help all golfers in need.



I started to play aged thirteen after 12 months I played off seven as a 15 year old I already played to a scratch handicap (o). That meant that I was called up to play firstly for Anglesey then North Wales and later on Wales. At the age of sixteen and on having left school, I began an apprenticeship as an assistant Golf Professional in Llandudno, North Wales. I was qualified in record time and became one of the youngest fully qualified professionals in Europe behind Sandy Lyle and Sir Nick Faldo who both became famous in the World of Golf for their golfing prowess and Major Titles. I was the third youngest at that time to become a fully qualified member of the British PGA.



Since then Charles has been a Coach, Head Professional and Director of Golf / Manager at some of the leading Golf Clubs in Europe.



Through continous personal assessment, drive and ambition, I have reached a pinnacle position within the golf profession and from some 20,000 golf professionals on mainland Europe, I can count myself as one of the finest. I pride myself on providing my clients with top class tuition.




1. Dipl: Advanced Fellow of the British PGA. October 2009.

2. Dipl: Fellow of the British PGA. April 2005.

3. Dipl: Advanced PGA Professional. January 2005.

4. Dipl:Class AA PGA Professional.

5. Dipl:Class A PGA Professional.

6. Dipl: Director of Golf.

7. Dipl: Sports Psychologist.

8.  Member of the PGA of Germany.








Charles Mickle. The crest is registered.

















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